NDI® to HDMI™ converter

NDI® to HDMI™ converter

NDI® to HDMI™ converter

DELTA-neo N2H, Multi-Format NDI® to HDMI™ Decoder

DELTA-neo N2H allows to decode and visualize any NDI® High bitrate (also called "Full NDI"), NDI-HX1 and NDI-HX2 streams on a wide range of HDMI™ 2.0 display devices, TV screens and video projectors. DELTA-neo N2H automatically detects the NDI® stream format, decode and converts it to HDMI™ with embedded audio. As opposed to the computer-based system, its hardware-based signal processing delivers stability, low latency and a small form factor with no equivalent on the market.

Key advantages:

  • NDI® 4.0 & NDI®|HX
  • All formats supported up to 1080p60 and automatic switch between standards
  • 16/10 ratio supported
  • Fully compliant with any NDI® sender device, including any NDI® camera and NDI®|HX Capture app on iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPad)
  • Native official NDI® SDK-based development ensuring access to last generation SDK and updates.
  • HTML5 Web user interface for centralized and remote management.
  • Source change button.
  • NDI stream selection thru local switch and web user interface enabling direct access wherever the operation takes.
  • Automatic NDI streams detection without the need to edit any NDI streams.
  • Discovery server support.
  • Audio pair selection from embedded NDI® audio stream to be use in multilingual environments or dedicated audio workflows.
  • Static or dynamic network identification to adapt to any network IT policies.
  • Automatic power-on .
  • Non-volatile configuration ensuring continuous operation without human intervention after power breakdown.
  • Customizable Splash Screen.
  • Display of Alpha Channel - Hardware-based for increased stability, allows stress less operation.
  • Ultra-small form factor (VESA compatible) which takes low footprint in physical infrastructure.
  • Rugged metallic enclosure that support harsh environments and rough handling.
  • Straightforward installation and operation, no time spent needed configuring like on computer based system.
  • Factory reset button.

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Technical specicfications
Hardware 1x 1Gbps Ethernet, RJ45 (1000BASE-T), PoE, network interface
1x HDMI 2.0 output connector (Type A)
Passive cooling, no fan
Powered from PoE (IEEE 802.3af) or from included
100-240V, 50/60 Hz Universal AC/DC adapter.

VESA mount (100mmx100mm) fixing kit
Dimensions : 118x85x30 mm
Weight : 355 gr
Video formats SD : NTSC 480i59.97, PAL 576i50
HD : 720p 50/59.94/60
HD : 1080i 50/59.94/60
HD : 1080p 25/29.97/50/59.94/60
WGA : 1280x800p 59.94/60, 1440x900p 59.94/60, 1680x1050p 59.94/60, 1920x1200p 59.94/60
SD DMT : 640x480p 60, 800x600p 60,
1024x768p 60
Audio formats Input: Up to 8x embedded pairs per NDI® stream
Output: 2-channel, 24-bit, 48 kHz, synchronous
Output sync offset management
NDI® interfaces support NDI® v4 support
NDI® standard version (high-quality version) YUV 4:2:2 (SHQ2) or YUVK 4:2:2:4 (SHQ7) or YUV 4:2:0 (SHQ0)
NDI®|HX V1 version (H264 - lower bitrate)
NDI®|HX next generation version with NDI® v4
NDI® video stream live receiving (TCP) and decoding
NDI® zero configuration discovery (mDNS, multicast) and registration
Automatic source detection
Separate subnets (e.g. VLANs, remote segments) source discovery support
NDI Discovery Server Support
Configurable max network jitter tolerance
HDMI™ interface HDMI™ uncompressed output
Embedded audio support
Unprotected HDCP output
EDID read or force output format
Features Display of alpha channel
Single button source change
16:10 resolution management
Splash screens customization
Automatic power-on
Non-volatile configuration
Dedicated factory restore button
Web user interface for remote configuration
Web user interface features NDI® Channel selection
Network configuration
Status monitoring
HDMI™ Interface control
Firmware management
HTML5 supporting latest generation web browser