Virtual View

Virtual View

Highly realistic football action 3D recreation

Virtual View allows you to create a highly realistic virtual 3D scene based on a football or rugby game image


By moving the camera, Virtual View allows viewers to see the action from any angle, helping them to understand if decisions taken during the game were relevant. Amongst others, it’s now possible to see the point of view of the referee on an offside or the vision of the striker when he shots or passes.

Virtual View is also the ideal solution to explain coach tactics. Move the camera to have a top view of the field and you'll be able to explain team tactic by moving players like on a coach board.

Virtual View can be used as a stand-alone solution or associated with DELTA-highlight and DELTA-touch products, creating the ideal solution for sports game analysis.

Key points

  • High-end 3D graphic technology
  • Comes with a large library of 3D players model animations
  • Easy integration with DELTA-highlight and DELTA-touch
  • Stream and file based workflow
  • Customisation of advertising present in the virtual stadium maximize your sponsorship revenue

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