TV show automation

TV show automation

Solutions for TV shows

DELTACAST offers state-of-the-art services in automation of TV shows, with a specialty in live events such as sports, game quiz and call TV.



DELTACAST solutions are ideal for shows that require some special customization.

Automation performs the control of a large series of devices:

  • voting system
  • lighting console (MIDI/DMX interface)
  • audio mixer
  • video wall
  • buzz controllers

The basic principle is that only one operator is required to control the whole system in order to saving costs and time of production. He manages the automation system through a user-friendly custom interface adapted to the progress of the show.

One important part of automation projects is of course the creation of graphics and the generation of clips and animation. For those tasks, DELTACAST uses its own synthesis and motion graphics engine and relies on its proprietary video cards. This allows DELTACAST to implement any kind of graphics on various types and quantities of display units. 

As one of the main challenges is the overall organisation within a very short deadline, DELTACAST has set-up a very modular software and hardware architecture that allows its multi-disciplinary team to design the different parts of a system in parallel and to optimize the system integration.

Besides the design of the automation project, DELTACAST can also provide the operation service.

Key points

  • only one operator required in order to saving production costs
  • customized solution adapted to the needs
  • development and intregration within a very short deadline
  • control of any type of devices