Virtual graphics for sport game analysis

DELTA-highlight is dedicated to sport game analysis, through the generation of high-quality augmented replay sequences containing virtual graphics that are superimposed over the game field


DELTA-highlight is typically used in a studio environment. It can build analysis clips from various sources, in order to highlight various scenes of games in the same TV show. It can also be used to display sequences after game halftimes for live events.

Thanks to its efficient interface and powerful processing algorithms such as automatic player tracking, complex analysis sequences can easily be built within minutes. DELTA-highlight is applicable to a large variety of sport such football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, cricket, rugby, volleyball, golf, badminton, …

DELTA-highlight allows the generation of a large collection of features including: statistical data (a
ctivity heatmaps, penalty / free-kick maps, events localization (such as fouls, tackles…), mean recuperation line …), tied to the field 2D and 3D drawings (animated markers, player and ball traces, arrows, measurements of distance and speed, rectangular  and circular areas, angles and many more), magnifiers to zoom to the action, teams line up and also advanced highlight effects such as fly between two real cameras or player’s moves.

Used in combination with DELTA-highlight, DELTA-touch offers the ideal solution to create interactive shows and Virtual View allows you to create a highly realistic virtual 3D scene based on a game image

With its internal live recording of the event stream, DELTA-highlight frees you from the use of an external video server saving costs and time.

Key points

  • Automatic player tracking
  • Autonomous live video recording: no need for external video server
  • Applied to a large types of sporting event
  • Both file and stream-based workflow available
  • Touchscreen and tablet presentation
  • Perfect for both live events and sport magazines
  • Large set of augmentation graphics including statical data

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