Live graphics solution for stadium and arena LED displays

DELTA-stadium is a software solution to easily manage live content on stadium and arena screens. Take fan engagement to the next level by easily and quickly triggering scoring, video, advertising for your match-day operations. DELTA-stadium provides unlimited real-time graphics rendering and playout control, generating extra source of revenues for clubs and creating new opportunities for sponsors.


Create unforgettable memories for fans

 Stadium LED displays Fan Experience



Regardless the sport practiced (Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Basketball), DELTA-stadium multi-sport interface is your single click access to manage live scoring and timing. 

Enhance your match preparation and match-day operations with our data connectors. The Sportzcast integration provides live access to more than 200 scoring tables. The StatsPerform integration gives live access to match, competition and player data. 

Stats Perform


DELTA-stadium integrates with Adobe After Effects (AE). Graphic designers can easily create templates according to the club's graphical chart in Adobe After Effects and easily import them into Template Editor. This expands creative options for designers and enhances visual experiences.

Adobe After Effects


DELTA-stadium also gives clubs new monetisation opportunities with sponsors. Every screen inside and outside the stadium becomes a potential advertising lever during the match: kiss cam, LED boarding, replays,... All this, very easily while tracking the advertising exposure time.


Create a vibrant culture around the game in the stadium and engage your fans with a multi-channel experience. Jump online and share content with your fans in the stadium. Our social wall integration with Curator makes it fast and easy.


Trigger and control any lighting, pyrotechnic, smoke or audio effect during the game using a DMX/GPIO or MIDI interface with DELTA-stadium Trigger Manager. 

Are you an operator ?

Then you know how essential it is to be able to manage your live content quickly and easily. DELTA-stadium's interface is extremely intuitive and allows, in a few clicks, to create your team composition, create and compose playlists, trigger visual or sound effects, manage social media.

Thanks to our Template Editor, prepare in advance all the needed templates for the game and swiftly use them live. In addition, DELTA-stadium comes with an API allowing you to control the GUI via your smartphone or a streamdeck®.

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They trust DELTA-stadium for their match-day operations







DELTACAST integration services range from adding new external data providers, interfacing with a scoring table, adding augmented reality clips or integrating with the club's app.


DELTACAST can implement and deliver templates according to the club's graphical chart.


You are not alone. Hands-on commissioning, onsite support is given during the startup process of your project.


DELTACAST delivers certified operator training.


Whether you are a screen manufacturer or a system integrator, our white label program gives access to customization features such as the logo and the UI language. DELTA-stadium can support any languages and alphabets.


Become a DELTA-stadium partner

DELTA-stadium partner

If you are interested in becoming one of our channel partners, you've come to the right place.

Are you a system integrator? DELTA-stadium integrates easily with any AV infrastructure. We fully support partners with demo units, on-site support, co-marketing, and training programs. Our white label program allows for easy customization (logo + language). With DELTA-stadium, you can unlock more value and address any stadium or arena.

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