High-end interactive presentation tool

The DELTA-touch brings our real time on-air graphics technology up to the journalist, allowing him to illustrate his speech with a high quality presentation tool in a studio environment


Highly interactive and easy-to-use through touch-screen or multi-tablet interface, this tool can be used for newsrooms, elections, entertainment, and sports. It can also be quickly integrated with other DELTACAST’s products.

Basically the tool comes with an easy to use interface allowing journalists to:

  • Select videos from his library;
  • Control the playback of the video (play, pause, jog & shuttle);
  • Draw analysis graphics such hand-free sketching, arrows, circles… to the screen.

Depending on the context the DELTA-touch presentation interface will be customized allowing perfect fitting of customer’s needs.

Key points

  • True 3D graphic technology
  • Highly editable presentation with DELTACAST Template Editor GUI
  • Automatic integration of DELTA-highlight and Virtual View video clips
  • Stream and file based workflow video importation capabilities
  • Operates in full autonomy without the need of any external recorder or slow motion engine

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