Augmented reality graphics for live sport match analysis

DELTA-live is a powerful augmented reality software platform dedicated to live sport match analysis: football, rugby, and more.

In addition to the classical generation of offside lines and free-kick circles, DELTA-live is able to display statistical data and build augmented reality sequences for better fan engagement. 



DELTA-live uses a revolutionary image processing technology to superimpose augmented reality (AR) graphics over the game field without any sensor required on the camera.

DELTA-live allows the very fast generation of replay sequences with:

  • Offside lines
  • Speed measurements
  • Magnifier (to zoom to the action)
  • Super clips (short analysis clips broadcasted just after event happens or at half-time and end of the game)

DELTA-live adds the following graphics to a live stream in real time:

  • Statistical data
    • Shot on target (corner, penalty and free-kicks)
    • Activity heatmaps
    • Penalty / Free-kick maps
    • Events localization (fouls, tackles…)
    • Mean recuperation line
    • Corner zones
    • Distribution of attacks
  • Teams line up
  • 9.15 m circle, distance to the goal and real distance of the defender wall for free-kicks
  • Animated 2D and 3D logos (such as team logos or advertisement material)
  • Scores
  • Virtual giant screens
  • Complex scenes including a large set of animated 3D and 2D elements (ideal for advertisement material placement)




Key points

  • Image-based processing technology no need of expensive camera sensor
  • Fastest product on the market
  • Minimum interaction with the broadcast team for preparation or slow motion engine
  • DELTA-live can also be used as a slow-motion system
  • Large set of augmentation graphics including statical data



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