AR Clips in Seconds? DELTACAST Has the Solution.

AR Clips in Seconds? DELTACAST Has the Solution.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Do you want to add augmented reality (AR) in seconds during your live broadcast to further enhance the viewer's experience?


DELTACAST introduces the SuperClip

SuperClips are short sequences (3 to 5 seconds) of replay that combine augmented reality and data to provide fans with more details about a specific action. These enhance the viewer's experience without disrupting the clarity of the game.

Thanks to SuperClips, supporters immediately understand the recent action. Moreover, SuperClips can be produced in seconds and easily integrated into your live broadcast.

Are you looking to invest in a cost-effective AR system that can quickly and effectively enhance the fan experience?

The SuperClip is designed for you.


DELTACAST and the FIFA Quality Programme

Do you know that our Virtual Offside Line, DELTA-offside, has once again successfully passed FIFA tests? It is therefore FIFA Quality certified under the FIFA Quality Programme for Offside Technology, demonstrating the quality of AR/AI technology.

By reaffirming our adherence to FIFA rigorous standards, we ensure a fairer gaming experience and strengthen the confidence of key players in the sports world.