Live graphics solution for stadium and arena displays


With larger and larger screens, more and more custom shapes, live video content in stadiums and arenas is constantly evolving to provide fans with an ever more exceptional experience.

Are you looking for THE most reliable, flexible and intuitive solution to manage an infinite number of pixels on screens with spectacular shapes and sizes?

DELTA-stadium solution is the most accurate solution to manage the entire stadium 4K/8K screens at your fingertips. Take fan engagement to the next level by easily and quickly triggering audiovisual effects of your game-day highlights. Regardless of screen shape, size or resolution, DELTA-stadium provides unlimited control, generating extra source of revenues for clubs and new opportunities for sponsors.


Create unforgettable memories for your fans with DELTA-stadium.

An unforgettable stadium experience is essential for fans. Attract spectators to the stadiums by creating an enhanced live experience: increasingly higher resolution (8K), dynamic content, light show, multi-screens, kiss cam, live data... with DELTA-stadium, easily control any type of LED screen in or outside the stadium as well as any light or sound effects and get an accurate result very easily.


.PLAY content accurately

DELTA-stadium is the solution to the challenge of driving pixel accurate content to any LED screen resolution. Whether it's a giant screen, a perimeter LED, a 360° halo panel or a centre-hung screen, our ScreenMatrix technology enables live content with pre-rendered and real-time rendered 2D/3D graphics. It has never been easier to synchronise an action across multiple displays without distortion. And whether you play football, rugby, basketball or tennis, our multi-sport interface means you can benefit from specially adapted visuals.

.MONETIZE any screen

DELTA-stadium also gives you new monetisation opportunities with sponsors. Every screen inside and outside the stadium becomes a potential advertising lever during the match: add a sponsor logo for main match events, play an ad after the kiss cam… All this, very easily.

.ENGAGE on Social Wall

With DELTA-stadium you can create a vibrant culture around the game in the stadium and engage your fans with a multi-channel experience. Jump online and share content with your fans in the stadium. Our Social Wall integration makes it fast and easy.

Trigger and control any lighting, pyrotechnic or audio effect during the game using a DMX/GPIO or MIDI interface with our Trigger Manager. Easily add statistical data from external sources such as StatsPerform. Quickly display it on the screen of your choice and keep the rhythm of content delivery by integrating feeds from any live camera (kiss cam, referee replay...).

NEW : Integration with Adobe After Effects

DELTA-stadium now integrates with Adobe After Effects (AE). Graphic designers can create templates in Adobe After Effects and easily import them into Template Editor, eliminating the need to learn a new software. This expands creative options for designers and enhances visual experiences.

NEW : Automated Data Access

DELTA-stadium benefits from automated access to match data and player information. Access to real-time match data and player information enhances match preparation for accurate and timely content. Manual data input is indeed replaced by an automated process, improving content creation efficiency and data accuracy.


DELTA-stadium is available in 5 versions:

- Stand-alone machine (up to 3x 4K) - PLAY, EDGE, PLAY+ and ENGAGE versions

- Distributed architecture (>3x4K, 8K) - INFINITY version

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 DELTA-stadium solution includes:

  • DELTA-cg Engine
  • Template Editor
  • ScreenMatrix
  • Sport interface
  • License Manager

Are you an operator at one of these events?

Then you know how essential it is to be able to manage and trigger a multitude of screens quickly and easily. DELTA-stadium's interface is extremely intuitive and allows, in a few clicks, to manage multiple camera feeds, create and compose playlists, trigger visual or sound effects, manage social media...

Thanks to our Template Editor, prepare in advance all the needed templates for the game and swiftly use them live. In addition, DELTA-stadium comes with an API allowing you to control the GUI via your smartphone or a streamdeck®.

Regardless of the number of screens, their resolution or their interface, DELTA-stadium is the essential live graphics solution for stadium and arena displays.

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DELTA-stadium partners benefit from DELTACAST premium support. Indeed, we are used to designing customized products, so we are also used to being flexible. Our partners are our interface: if a specific feature is not yet developed but one of their customers needs it, they can share the information with us and we will do our best to integrate it. 

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