Real-time rendering engine and media server

Discover DELTA-cg, the cutting-edge real-time rendering engine and media server from DELTACAST. Tailored for video production graphics, DELTA-cg adapts effortlessly to various needs, making it perfect for sports broadcasts, live media shows, social streaming, and stadium events.

Fueled by the advanced DELTACAST graphics engine, DELTA-cg offers an affordable and scalable solution, designed specifically for graphic design in sports and news production. Its user-friendly interface and trusted engine provide unmatched flexibility and quality for professionals.

Enjoy unlimited graphic elements, make last-minute changes, and simplify production control with integrated tools like the launchpad, Stream Deck®, and XKeys support. Effortlessly integrate data files, maximize graphical relevance, and access a range of "ready-to-use" templates.

Experience creative freedom with DELTA-cg: No limits on graphic layers or simultaneous graphics, just unparalleled control and quality.

Harness real-time statistical insights through its data connector (such as StatsPerform). Effortlessly link your social media networks, unlocking new avenues for fan engagement and interaction.


Core engine - Real-Time 2D/3D graphics generation
- Manual or automated playlist control
- Real-time rendering engine
- Unlimited simultaneous layers on air
- Separated design editor and operation interfaces
- Customizable live operation interface
- Custom variables per element layers
- On the fly template look & feel refresh during operation
- Template management for project
- Native Newtek™ NDI® support
- HDR Media support (HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby, HLG, PQ10) to SDR output
Control - Customizable LaunchPad (including multi playlist action control)
- Time scheduled action (with recurrence)
- Native touch screen support
- REST API for content control and remote operation
- Stream Deck® external control
- P.I. Engineering - XKeys support for launch pad
- Project & template scripting
- DMX, MIDI and GPIO interface (using Trigger Manager optional interface)
Outputs - ScreenMatrix for perimeter LED management
- Warping for non-rectangular displays management
- Unlimited output
- Up to 8K or 4x 4K GPU output (per media renderer)
- Up to 2x4K SDI output (per media renderer)
- GPU Output (option)
- NDI Output (option)
- SDI Output (Option)
Inputs - Live Video Inputs for Kiss Cam and other camera feeds
- SDI (Option, require specific I/O board)
- HDMI (Option, require specific I/O board)
Show control - Pre and Post game show control (via Trigger Manager optional interface)
- Led lightning control (DMX interface)
- Sound effect control (MIDI interface)
- Universal control interface (GPIO).
Dynamic & external data - XML, Excel and Google Sheet integration
- Sports Statistics
o Web Data Provider connector (option) (including StatsPerform
statistic integration)
- Scoreboards
o Sc oreboard OCR to XML application (option)
o Scorecasts Sportzcast support (option)
- Social media
o Generic social media connector
o Connection to social wall (option)
o XML dynamic dat a interface

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