DELTACAST Is Attending NAB 2023

DELTACAST Is Attending NAB 2023

Thursday, March 16, 2023

DELTACAST Offers Solutions to Enhance Live Sports Storytelling at NAB Show 2023.

Are you looking for ways to build audience loyalty? Do you want to create a more attractive and engaging TV experience for fans, attracting them and developing their engagement?


DELTACAST has you covered!

Thanks to DELTACAST, Live Sports Storytelling Begins Before the Game

Live sports storytelling is a crucial part of the overall viewer experience, and it begins before the game even starts. You have the opportunity to build anticipation and excitement by highlighting key storylines and matchups, and providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the involved players and teams.


DELTA-live: Bringing the Game to Life with Real-Time Insights

During the game, analysts can bring the game to life by providing real-time insights and analysis, highlighting key moments, and creating drama and suspense for viewers. With DELTA-live, bring augmented reality to the pitch to analyze key actions in the game. Keep viewers engaged and invested in the game, to build a loyal audience and attract new fans.


DELTA-highlight: Analyzing Key Moments

After the game, DELTA-highlight is the best mulitsport solution to focus on recaps and analyses of the game's key moments, emotions, and outcomes. This is where you can deliver a deeper understanding of the game and its impact, and create memorable moments that will keep viewers coming back for more.

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