ELEVEN SPORTS chooses for innovative DELTACAST solutions

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - ELEVEN SPORTS chooses for innovative DELTACAST solutions


The released Version 11 of our live and studio product line have been launched for broadcasting the Belgian Jupiler Pro League & 1B Pro League new season. Thanks to new breakthrough functionalities unique to DELTACAST alongside its key modules, ELEVEN has decided to trust in the innovation of DELTA-sport suite.

In addition to new automatic tracking feature and calibration enhancements, DELTA-live and DELTA-highlight now manages statistical data proposed by the Pro League’s official data provider Stats Perform.

Live data are selected through a very intuitive browsing interface. Once selected, data allow display of graphics such as:

  • Activity heatmaps
  • Penalty / Free-kick maps
  • Teams line up
  • Events localization (fouls, tackles…)
  • Mean recuperation line


All these new graphics are at disposal for real time insertion on game live feed or for creation of clips for pre and post-game analysis. 

Such collaboration with a data provider for major sport leagues and tournaments is a key element for any sports broadcaster wishing to benefit from the next level of analytics in its live or pre/post production. 

Last but not least, to ease production workflow, a video server software with clip edition capabilities has been added to DELTA-highlight.