Virtual Director

Virtual Director

Automated camera switching and on-air graphics display

Virtual Director is a key element for the automation of TV shows production, when a high automation is required to minimize the production costs. This is typically the case when a radio company wants to broadcast radio on a TV channel. 


Virtual Director performs automatically the selection of the camera to be displayed on air, which means that it plays the role of the director.

To determine which camera to put on air, the system analyzes the audio activity in the studio in real time : which micros are open, what are the levels of sound... It also takes other elements into account, such as GPIs provided by external systems or control executed through a system web interface.

Virtual Director can vary its style of realization, depending on the context of the radio show: face-to-face interview, news, forum…

The system can also take advantage of mobile cameras to be able to create multiple plans from a single camera.

Virtual Director is easily configurable. The user can define different profiles to adapt the style of realization to his needs. The configuration and behavior modification of the Virtual director are made through a Web interface. So the control of the system can be done remotely, even at home while looking at the TV show…

The product can be integrated as a element of the production infrastructure very easily by the company in charge of the installation of the cameras and of the generation of the TV signal.

Most often, DELTACAST provides not only the Virtual Director, but also a full automation application, which includes the complete management of all the elements composing the the display: clocks, tickers, graphics, animations, video sequences…

Key points

  • Up to 12 video sources control
  • Up to 8 audio signals management
  • Up to 8 GPI management for automatic camera switching
  • Control of PTZ camera (Sony visca protocol…)
  • Control and configuration through Web Interface
  • Multiple configuration profiles management


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