DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News

DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News

DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News

Advanced CG for live sports & news productions

DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News is the character generator specifically designed to meet all your graphics design needs for your sports and news productions.

Available DELTA-cg versions (please refer to comparative table)

Based on our famous engine used in DELTACAST product range by many TV professionals, the DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News brings many high-end possibilities in a modular and affordable version.

Especially dedicated to live production environment, DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News allows you to create advanced and dynamic graphics in multiple playlists, giving you maximum flexibility for your workflows.

DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News is the only character generator in its price range to offer two outputs, two playlists and infinite numbers of graphics elements per playlist.

Thanks to the native support of the NDI® standard, you are perfectly connected to the many devices that are compatible with Newtek™ IP ecosystem.


Why should you limit yourself to a few layers and graphics per production?

DELTA-cg does not limit you to the number of graphics elements you want to add to your production. 



Why not having the freedom to change your ideas at the last minute?

DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News and its template editor allows last minutes changes to always get the best versions of your graphics chart on air.



Do you lack choice and flexibility to operate your graphics effects in a more secure way under live conditions?

With its user-definable interface controller, DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News allows you to create a secure operating environment that unleashes your creativity for more dynamic graphics.



Do you want to integrate an NDI input stream into your CG?

DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News integrates NDI or SDI (optional) input support allowing the integration of external streams into your graphics compositions.  And with its integrated ChromaKey, you have a ton of use case to choose from...



Do you want to keep control with your fingertips?

With its launch pad and XKeys support, DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News offers you the possibility to trigger one or more actions on multiple playlists. This guarantees you a secure and direct control of all actions repeated during your production.



Do you want to maximize the relevance of your graphics layers data?

DELTA-cg NDI® Sport & News integrates support for a wide variety of data files ensuring easy integration with your production team's data sources.




Key Features - Real-Time graphics generation
- Manual or automation playlist control
- Unlimited of graphic layers per playlist
- Unlimited of simultaneous graphics per channel
- Live controller for real time graphics control
- 2 outputs
- 2 playlists
- Multi playlist action trigger by virtual launch pad
- SD / HD format support
- NDI inputs / outputs
- Internal or External Keying
- Template-based graphics
- On-the-fly content changes
- XML external data connection
- Advanced scripting capabilities
- Clock and ticker management
- Internal Chroma keyer
- HDMI Output (option)
- DisplayPort Output (option)
- SDI Output (option)
- Data sources support (XML, Excel®, RSS (soon), Google Sheets® (soon))
- Multimedia playback & embedded Audio (MXF, MOV, MP4, MKV, MPEG…)
Minimum Requirements
- Operating System: Windows 7 64 bits or Windows 8 64 bits;
- Processor: Intel Core i5, at least 2.5GHz equivalent or greater;
- RAM: 8GB or higher;
- Graphics board: NVidia GTX 750 with up-to-date NVidia official drivers;
- Hard disk space: 2GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation.
Template Editor
Key Features Template Editor offers you a user friendly tool for real-time graphic template construction:
- Independent element's layer animations
- Animations (push, squeeze and page turn) & timelines management
- Graphic layers (group, shape, image, text, crawler and clock)
- Sequences and loops
- High customizable 2D texts creation (extrusion, shadow, glow, outlining…)
- Multi-layers & Multi-textures

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