DELTA-cg NDI® Social

DELTA-cg NDI® Social

DELTA-cg NDI® Social

Live CG tailored for social media and web-based content

DELTA-cg NDI® Social is a simple yet powerful character generator which ensures efficient audience engagement with web content and live social comments.

Associated with its real-time graphics Template Editor, you’ve the creative freedom to design advanced graphics projects based on high quality graphic templates.


Available DELTA-cg versions (please refer to comparative table)


DELTA-cg NDI® Social is a character generator tailored to integrate web-based content and social media data in your TV graphic layers.


 Based on our famous engine used in DELTACAST product range by many TV professionals, the DELTA-cg NDI® Social brings many high-end possibilities in an affordable version.

Especially dedicated to live environment, DELTA-cg NDI® Social allows you to create and update content dynamically giving you high flexibility for your production workflow.


DELTA-cg NDI® Social is the only character generator dedicated to web-content to offer infinite numbers of graphic elements and layers.


Thanks to the native support of the NDI® standard, you are perfectly connected to the many devices that are compatible with Newtek™ IP ecosystem.


Why should you limit yourself to a few layers and graphics per production?

DELTA-cg NDI® Social does not limit you to the number of graphic elements you want to add to your production. 


DELTA-cg NDI® Social


Why not having the freedom to change your ideas at the last minute?

DELTA-cg NDI® Social and its template editor allows last minutes changes to always get the best versions of your graphics chart on air.


DELTA-cg NDI® Social


Do you want to link web content to your graphic effects?

 With its specific Chrome plugin, DELTA-cg NDI® Social allows you to retrieve web content such as text and media and link them to your graphic templates.


DELTA-cg NDI® Social


Google Chrome Plugin - Web Data Collector available here :

Chrome Plugin - Web Data Collector DELTA-cg NDI® Social

DELTA-cg NDI® Social DELTA-cg NDI® Social




Key Features - Real-Time graphics generation
- Manual or automation playlist control
- Unlimited of graphic layers per playlist
- Unlimited of simultaneous graphics per channel
- Live controller for real time graphics control
- SD / HD format support
- NDI inputs / outputs
- Internal or External Keying
- Template-based graphics
- On-the-fly content changes
- Advanced scripting capabilities
- Clock and ticker management
- Chrome plugin for Web data extraction
- XML Data Support
- Template Scripting Support
Recommended Minimum Requirements
- Operating System: Windows 10 64 bits;
- Processor: Intel or AMD @2,5 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended);
- RAM: 8GB or higher;
- Graphics board: nVidia GTX GPU @1GHz / 2Go memory with up-to-date nVidia official drivers; (NVidia cards are recommended by DELTACAST but not mandatory);
- Hard disk space: 1GB; more space may be needed on the drive depending on your own graphics
Template Editor
Key Features Template Editor offers you a user friendly tool for real-time graphic template construction:
- Animations (push, squeeze and page turn) & timelines management
- Graphic layers (group, shape, image, text, crawler and clock)
- High customizable 2D texts creation (extrusion, shadow, glow, outlining…)
- Multi-layers & Multi-textures
- Multi-pass / Post processing (chroma-keyer, color correction, filters…)
- Advanced scripting capabilities

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